EPR Framework Status

March 2009

Product Policy Institute initiated detailed framework drafting with both the Northwest Product Stewardship Council and California Product Stewardship Council. Significant in-depth work on framework approaches has now been undertaken and continues with these Councils and within California, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington state agencies and processes. These efforts have been especially stimulated by successful EPR e-waste legislation and are further informed by lessons learned from Canada and Europe, and various stakeholder processes and dialogues on other product categories.

Additional states known to be in early stages of discussing framework via councils, local governments, NGO, or state agencies include EPA Region 9 and 10 states (Western USA), Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Vermont. The West Coast Forum on Climate Change has a Product Stewardship Workgroup focusing on harmonizing framework approaches, and the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) is working on framework through its Production Stewardship Task Force. The National Associations of Counties has passed a framework EPR resolution in July 2008. And the Local Government Advisory Committee to the EPA drafted a briefing paper for the Obama Transition Team on product stewardship. In addition, key states are holding discussions on framework policy issues including harmonization of definitions, requirements and other policy elements.

Product Policy Institute currently holds monthly networking calls to facilitate information sharing and strategizing among North American existing and prospective local government product stewardship councils and for sharing information on EPR framework approaches (contact info@productpolicy.org for details).

Another organization with a similar name and mission is the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI).  Formed in 2001, PSI has provided much needed national leadership bringing product stewardship to the U.S.  PSI has focused on individual product categories and dialogues that engage industry and other stakeholders to achieve cooperative agreements. PSI is now also helping advance the move toward framework approaches.  PSI’s conferences and webinars have done much to lay the groundwork by educating its state and local government members about product stewardship and providing model product-focused policies, programs and legislation.  Those interested in product stewardship are encouraged to participate in and benefit from PSI’s programs and membership. Contact Scott Cassel, Executive Director at 617-236-4855 or scott@productstewardship.us.