EPR Savings

Cost Savings and Economic Benefits of EPR

When EPR legislation is implemented, governments realize a big monetary savings, and recycling becomes more convenient for residents.

EPR Framework Multi-Program Savings

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia  (pop. 2,524,000)

  • $6.1 million –for collection of paint, solvents, pesticides, gasoline, used oil/filters/containers, and medications)
  • 2,100 full time jobs generated by programs for beverage containers, tires, electronics, and used oil
  • Reduced landfill costs and avoided contamination clean-up costs.

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E-waste Program Savings

Snohomish County, WA (pop 677,000)

  • $550,000 saving per year
    • $380,000 per year hauling and processing
    • $170,000 per year collection cost at three transfer stations
  • Plus, an additional 12 collection sites established in the County that are not run or paid for my the County.

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Hennepin County, MN (pop. 1,137,000)

  • Cost savings of $681,982 realized during the first program year of the Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act.

St. Louis County, MN (pop. 197,000)

  • Cost savings of approximately $90,000 during the first program year of the e-waste law.
  • As the result of agreements with manufacturers, the county was able to decrease drop-off fees by 80 percent for consumers from $8-12 per item to $1-2 per item.

Download report: MN Product Stewardship Recommendations (Jan 2009)

State of Maine (pop. 1,317,000)

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