Product-specific EPR Websites

For information on product-specific product stewardship programs, dialogues, initiatives and legislation, see these web sites:



The Electronics Takeback Coalition lists all the US states with e-waste producer responsibility laws, fees, and pending legislation.

Visit their state legislation page. (Offsite link)
Map of US states with e-waste laws


Beverage Containers

Bottle bills are the grandmother of EPR legislation in North America.

U.S. Bottle bills

The Container Recycling Institute tracks beverage container deposit laws and pending legislation all across the United States. See the current laws and campaigns (offsite link) at their site

Canada Bottle bills

The Container Recycling Institute has compiled a summary of the beverage container recycling laws and programs in all Canadian Provinces. View them now (offsite link).

 U.S. Product Stewardship Legislation

The Product Stewardship Institute tracks product stewardship laws, legislation, policies, and private-sector initiatives in the United States and internationally and makes summaries available to members.  The pages below are public.

Growth of U.S. product stewardship laws from 2006 to 2009

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Product stewardship legislation introduced in 2009

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