County Advocacy Toolkit for the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act

Show Your Support for Enacting Packaging EPR Legislation During the 2024 Legislative Session!

Municipal recycling programs are on the brink of failure after years of financial strain.

For the last several years, as global commodity markets have collapsed and expenses to collect and process recycling have increased, local governments have been forced to pay into an antiquated program flooded with materials that we cannot recycle.

The Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act (PRRIA), S.4246-B (Harckham)/A.5322-B (Glick), would provide meaningful relief to local governments by establishing an extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging.

EPR for packaging has been successfully implemented for decades in Canadian provinces and throughout Europe and Asia. It’s past time to bring this common-sense solution to New York.

This legislation would:

  • Increase consumer participation and modernize New York’s recycling system at no cost to the state or local governments;

  • Reduce environmental impacts from manufacturing, collection, processing, recycling, and disposal of consumer packaging;

  • Protect public health by prohibiting certain toxic and dangerous chemicals in packaging, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS);

  • Provide an estimated $300 million in financial relief to counties and muncipalities; and

  • Create green jobs associated with material reuse, recovery, and remanufacturing.

Albany needs to hear your voice!

Please use this toolkit, developed in partnership with the NYS Product Stewardship Council (NYSPSC), to support the PRRIA. Together, we can solve the state’s recycling crisis and put New York on the path to a circular economy.

Support Letter

Another way for Albany to hear your voice is through support letters sent directly to Governor Hochul and key Senate and Assembly committees. Download this letter template, customize it, and send it to the Senate and Assembly leadership today!

Social Media Posts

Share your support on your county’s social media channels with these posts to help educate constituents and other stakeholders.

Template op-ed

Download this template op-ed, replace the highlighted text with your county’s name, and submit it to your local newspapers to advocate for packaging EPR.


If you have questions about how you can get involved, please email NYSAC’s Legislative/Policy Coordinator, Alexandra Regan, at alamonte[at]

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