A policy tool that becomes a catalyst for change

Product Stewardship motivates brand behavior, and when brands make changes to their products and packaging on a level playing field, we can all participate in a collective effort to create less waste, clean up our communities and eliminate toxic materials from our everyday lives.

Product Stewardship policy incentivizes brand owners to improve product design and better service users, while mitigating impacts to the environment and reducing local government expenses.


Featured Policy

New York’s municipal recycling programs are precariously close to failure due to factors beyond the control of local governments.

  • Less than 50% of 80 million tons of packaging is recycled.

  • For decades, local governments have subsidized the handling of millions of tons of packaging waste generated in the state.

  • Consumer confusion over complex packaging and inconsistent labeling has led to high rates of contamination.

  • International markets for recycled materials are increasingly volatile.

  • Governments must decide whether or not they can continue funding and operating their recycling programs.

  • Even waste disposal capacity is not guaranteed in the long-term.


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